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Considering a Career in Recruitment?


Interesting Industry facts

According to Wikipedia James Caan, best known as a former investor on the BBC television program Dragons’ Den, initially achieved success by starting the recruitment company Alexander Mann Group. He also went on to found Hamilton Bradshaw which is an investment group that specialises in Seed Capital and Growth Capital for recruitment businesses. His net worth is estimated to be around 95 million pounds.

Another example of recruitment success is the well-known story of an international firm founded in 1976, it started as a two-man operation above a laundrette. Nearly four decades later they have more than 5000 employees and a global office network.

In South Africa when most people speak of recruitment, they imagine a generalist firm, what does that mean? Recruiters of varying degrees of experience, recruiting for any level of role their client is looking for from Secretarial skill to General Manager.


However there is a whole world of recruitment that, unless you are already in the industry, is largely unknown and that is executive search recruitment and industry-specific recruitment. These recruitment firms focus on key industries ranging from Financial Services to Engineering and manufacturing. Professionals within this environment are taught in depth skills that will allow you to become an industry expert.

What does it mean to be an industry expert?

You will have access to your industry’s top decision makers, people who make and drive strategies that often influence the business landscape of Africa.

You will be mandated to find people who will go on to be leaders of industry.

You will understand your industry, and the market factors that influence it.

You will know people within that market and these industry leaders will turn to you to find them the top talent the country has to offer.


Recruitment is a profession that has a critical part in today’s economy. Individuals have the opportunity to become industry experts by being courageous, tenacious and driven. Start or further a career in recruitment today if you have these qualities to offer and are not afraid of success. Submit your CV to info@coninghamlee.co.za, a UK-founded specialist recruitment company.